Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Steps to a Successful Windows 7 Migration with ZENworks 11

- Step 1, Inventory: Before I migrate, I need to know what can migrate, what to upgrade, and what to replace. (ZAM)
- Step 2, Application Continuity: I need to make sure users have the apps they need--before, during, and after migration (ZAV)
- Step 3, Configure/Deploy: I need to actually get Windows 7 onto thousands of machines (ZCM)
- Step 4, Patch: Once migrated, I need to get my fleet patched and compliant (ZPM)
- Step 5, Maintain and continually address incidents: I need to lower our service and support costs by reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and continually deliver and improve Service Level Agreements, before, during, and after migration (NSD)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Endpoint Management - ZENworks 11 video

Cool Endpoint Management video powered by the ZEN 11 product line ...

IDC endorsing ZENworks 11 w/ Windows 7

Migrating to Windows 7? Technology points to consider: ZEN 11!

ZEN 11 versus the competition - Battlecards

ZENworks Configuration Management 11

Novell Endpoint Management

ZENworks Asset Management 11

Novell Service Desk

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11

ZENworks Patch Management 11

All the collateral you need for Novell Service Desk!

Data Sheet

Product Brochure

White Paper


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Looking for the ZENworks 11 Launch Party?

To ALL (ZEN customers, Novell customers, new customers): mark your calendars ….. Nov 17, 2010 – Come and attend the ZENworks 11 Virtual Launch Party online. URL and invites will be provided very soon! Theme of our event is “Relax: It’s Only Windows 7.” Keynotes, sessions, technical demos, presentations Q&As, drawings for prizes (iPad :) etc. will be offered. Be ready to learn how to effectively and successfully migrate your machines to Windows 7 using ZEN Asset Management, ZEN Application Virtualization, ZEN Configuration Management, ZEN Patch Management and our soon to be released product – Novell Service Desk! Also learn about all of our new features in ZENworks 11 and attend a special session on virtualizing your apps with ZENworks Application Virtualization and much more! Come and meet our execs, engineers, product managers and product marketing people online. Mark your calendar for November 17, 2010. More info to come.